Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a manner that enhances academic learning. Clothing that is revealing or best suited for very casual activities, is not appropriate for school.

T-SHIRTS MUST BE TASTEFUL WITHOUT OFFENSIVE DESIGNS OR WRITING. Clothing should not reveal the back or midriff. During warm weather, shorts are acceptable but they must extend down to fingertip length. Spaghetti straps or “racer back” are not acceptable on tank top shirts and shoulder straps must be at least 1” wide. Shirts that are “off the shoulder” are not allowed at school.

Hats are not allowed in the building unless there is a special event or celebration. Also, students should wear shoes that are appropriate for recess and PE activities (close toed shoes, no open-toed, Heelys or flip flops). Students should have a coat every day and it’s helpful for parents to assist in choosing appropriate clothing for their students and we appreciate the support.